Home Items

Home Items

6 Cups With Saucers
Aluminium Seder 45 Cm
Aluminum Seder Extra Large
Aluminum Seder Large
Aluminum Seder Medium
Arak Glass 1 Dozen
Chrome Tray Large
Chrome Tray Medium
Chrome Tray Small
Coffe Cups Japanese
Coffee Cups 1 Dozen
Coffee Cups Blue 6 Pieces Set
Coffee Cups Fancy Dozen
Coffee Cups Half Dozen
Coffee Cups Medium 1 Dzn
Coffee Cups Porcelaine Half Dzn
Coffee Cups Porceline 1 Dozen
Coffee Cups Tawoos Medium 1 Dzn
Coffee Cups White 6 Pieces Set
Coffee Cups With Plates 1 Dzn
Coffee Grinders
Coffee Pot Stainless Large
Coffee Pot Turkish Large
Coffee Pot Turkish Medium
Coffee Pot Turkish Small
Coffee Pots Stainless 5pcs
Falafel Mold Brass
Falafel Mold Stainless Steel
Garlic Basin

Garlic Basin


Garlic Basin And Midaka Tall
Garlic Basin Brass Large
Garlic Basin Brass Medium
Garlic Basin Brass Small
Glass Cups Half Dzn
Guest Tray Silver Large
Guest Tray Small
Homos Grinder
Hummos Plate

Hummos Plate


Hummos Plate Orange
Kafta Skewers Large
Kafta Skewers No Handle
Kafta Skewers Small
Kofta Skewers
Lebanese Plate
Loofa Heart Small
Loofa Natural Large
Loofa Natural Large
Loofa Pressed
Loofa With Pocket Large
Loofa With Pocket Medium
Maamoul Mold Date Large
Maamoul Mold Date Medium
Maamoul Mold Pistachio
Matty Bowl Squash With Straw
Matty Straws
Mortar And Pestel
Regular Broom
Saynieh Kibbe Round
Shaffy Cups Dragon Dozen
Shaffy Cups Extra Large Dozen
Shaffy Cups Large Dozen
Shaffy Cups Medium Brown Dozen
Shaffy Cups Medium Dozen



Shish Kabab Skewers Large
Shish Kabab Skewers Set
Skewers Large Flat
Skewers Large Round
Soft Brooms

Soft Brooms


Squash Picker
Stainless Tray 30 Cm
Stainless Tray 35 Cm
Stainless Tray 40 Cm
Stainless Tray Oval 25 Cm
Stainless Tray Oval 35 Cm
Stainless Trays 3 Pieces
Tea Cups 6 Pieces
Tea Cups With Plates
Tea Glass Half Dzn
Tea Glass Small Dozen
Tea Glasses

Tea Glasses


Tea Kettle 3 Pieces
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